Global mobility – The changing world of work

date icon 16. August 2022

The world of work has undergone a major transformation in recent years.

Home office, remote working, virtual assignments, etc. have recently become more established than ever, particularly as a result of the Corona crisis, but also due to constantly advancing technology and digitization, and it is hard to imagine everyday working life without them.

On the contrary, Corona has provided a strong booster and delivered a proof of concept to the last skeptic. Working on-site is no longer a must for many industries and companies.
Our world has now become even more international and interconnected since the outbreak of the pandemic.

For this reason, we will be devoting our blog to these exciting developments from a tax and legal perspective in the coming weeks.

Possibilities of operating a business in Austria

We inform you about the various possibilities to carry out a business activity in Austria, such as through

  • registered branch office
  • partnership
  • permanent establishment
  • sole proprietorship
  • legal entity (e.g. limited liability company)

Remote working

Remote working has now taken on enormous significance. In terms of cross-border activities, we take a closer look at the following models:

  1. Foreign local hire
  2. Cross boarder home office
  3. Virtual secondment
  4. Workation

Internationally active managing director

In the case of internationally active managing directors, we illuminate the tax law aspects and also address the special case of Germany.

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