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Inflation relief package 2022

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date icon 28. June 2022

The rising prices and high inflation rates due to geopolitical crises and energy shortages have prompted the federal government to at least partially relieve the population. This inflation relief package was approved by the National Council on June 23, 2022. The confirmation by the Federal Council is expected to be a mere formality.

The most important reliefs are:

  • Increase in various deductions
  • tax-free cost-of-living bonus of up to EUR 2,000 per year payable by the employer
  • Special family allowance EUR 180 – in August 2022
  • One-time payment for pensioners depending on their pension – in August 2022
  • Cost-of-living compensation EUR 300 for unemployed people and students – in September 2022
  • CO2 pricing postponed to autumn 2022
  • Increase of the climate bonus once to EUR 500 (resp. EUR 250 for minors) for the year 2022

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