Input tax refund for purchases from third countries

date icon 04. June 2022

Input tax refund for third country purchases

Foreign entrepreneurs who are based outside the EU can still apply for a refund of Austrian input taxes for 2021 until June 30, 2022. The application must be submitted to the Graz City Tax Office (form U5 and, if applying for the first time, questionnaire Verf18). Receipts for import VAT paid and all invoices must be attached to the application in the original. The deadline is not extendable! Also in the reverse case, i.e. for input tax refunds of Austrian entrepreneurs in third countries (e.g. Serbia, Switzerland, Norway), the deadline for refund applications of the year 2021 ends on June 30, 2022 according to the information currently available.

Refund from EU member states

For input tax refunds from European Union (EU) member countries, applications must be submitted electronically by Sept. 30, 2022.

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