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date icon 17. May 2021

Significant Corona subsidies have been in place in Austria for more than a year. These range from loan guarantees, especially used at the beginning of the Corona pandemic, fixed cost subsidies, default bonuses, sales replacement, to the current version of fixed cost subsidies.

The EU’s transparency database provides a look behind the scenes at who has benefited from this aid and to what extent, and how this may have affected competition between companies. You will find the link to it as follows:

With regard to the amount of the aid measures listed (see our extensive information on this subject at, it should be noted that the fixed cost subsidy is compensation for the fixed costs of companies, while the default bonus and turnover replacement are compensation for lost revenue. Aid payments are also conditional on the receiving companies being “healthy” in the sense of EU law. Depending on the size of the company – but also on the number of legal entities – the aid measures are higher or lower, as larger companies clearly incur higher fixed costs and lose higher revenues.

PS: Please note, that we are no native speakers and that our blogposts were translated with the help of google translate. 

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