The workplace of the future

date icon 09. May 2022

How do entrepreneurs manage to support the performance of employees as well as possible with efficient work tools?

This question has to be analyzed from at least two different angles. On the one hand, in the last few months we have been forced into the cockpit of a digitization rocket, which we were not 100% able to control and were therefore flying blind at times. Both in terms of IT security and with regard to socio-cultural effects, the Austrian entrepreneurs were confronted with challenges, some of which they only gradually got to grips with and which we still deal with every day.

As a result, not only have we had a sharp increase in successful cybercrime attacks for about 2 years, we are also facing extremely high turnover rates – especially in the area of so-called shortage occupations. Loyal, long-serving employees slowly lose their personal connection to colleagues and their identification with the company dwindles. Instead of the cozy coffee break, we try to save at least a part of the familiar and beloved atmosphere with digital instruments and professional and private gadgets merge. Thanks to Microsoft, Google, Amazon etc., the professional infrastructure is becoming a central part of the individual and it can happen that the e-mail with the highly confidential subject at the bottom right pops up during the virtual Zoom parents’ evening.

But how can we now define the requirements for the workplace of the future so that, on the one hand, we secure corporate data as well as possible and, on the other hand, equip our employees as flexibly as possible with everything they need to enable frictionless working, even from home?

In the slipstream of the GDPR, Corona has opened Pandora’s box and we now have our hands full defining the new rules of the game, exploiting the technological possibilities and still managing to keep our globally unique and so important Central European social culture alive in every company, no matter how small!

Let’s not let our coffee break be zoomed away 🙂

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