Einige Geschäftspartner
It couldn't be simpler.

Changeover service – effortless & foolproof

You hire us, we take care of the rest!

Have you lost track at your current tax advisor, or don’t feel you are getting good service/advice? 
We are here for you. We provide you with an all-round service for all areas of advice in a simple, straightforward and effortless manner. All you have to do is contact us and we will organize everything for you.

How does the changeover work?

  • Non-binding meeting to get to know you and your company.
  • Your personal offer and overview of services.
  • You commission us.
  • We contact your preliminary advisor and, if necessary, lawyer & bank.
  • Together with you we develop new ideas to make your company even more successful.

In this way, we receive all the necessary information and data, the status of your tax situation and an insight into any legal and banking issues. This enables us to provide you with comprehensive support and advice.

Let’s analyze your business processes together
Through our analysis of company processes, we identify opportunities for tax optimization and structural improvements in particular. Together with our IT experts, we can also help you with cost-benefit considerations, new opportunities through digitalization or data security.

Identify risk areas
In a structured Payroll Check we go through your payroll records on request and look at your time records, travel expenses, contract situation etc.. In this way we recognize if there are risks and make suggestions to improve the situation.

If you are active internationally and have subsidiaries, the question arises as to whether your documentation for the fulfillment of obligations under tax law, the reporting of cross-border issues and similarly complex matters have been properly handled. Here, too, we provide you with active support, not least through our strong international network.

Then we look forward to hearing from you and getting to know you personally!


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