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Welcome to the digital world of ARTUS!

Are you negotiating abroad and urgently need your reports, contracts or current figures despite the time difference? With ARTUS Cloud & as well as the integration into our internal network, your documents are always readily available via the Internet.

Our digital solutions are uncomplicated and self-explanatory to use. The exchange of information is encrypted at the highest level of security.

ARTUS Cloud & are optimized for desktop, tablet and smartphone. The ARTUS app is available in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.


Ready for the digital transformation!

The uncomplicated, fast exchange of data with our clients, as well as with external partners and authorities, is an essential part of an efficient and successful business relationship. ARTUS; therefore, sees the Cloud as an important pioneer for digital transformation. The Cloud offers spatially distributed teams a “modern workplace,” in which one can communicate, work together and exchange information in an efficient manner — regardless of where people are located. Due to the increasing number of data misuse cases and the requirements of the EU GDPR, however, certain framework conditions must be observed when choosing a cloud solution.

Our ARTUS Cloud is based on the truly successful and completely transparent development model Nextcloud, which is controlled by an open source community. The system is operated on our own servers, mirrored in two different fire compartments and is protected against unauthorized virtual and physical access to the highest standards.

Overview of Features

Data & Documents

Document archive
Shareholder agreements, balance sheets, etc.
Annual tax overview
FinanzOnline tax account

Financial Accounting


  • Call up financial accounting evaluations (account sheets, OP and balance lists) in real time
  • Cashier, bank, incoming and outgoing invoice books
  • View accounting (broken down by accounts)
  • Print account sheets, OP and balance lists
  • Wage portal

    IIndividual access for employeess
    Access documents such as pay slips at any time