By women for women

Your partners in all situations

Regardless of whether you are on the verge of founding a company as a woman, or you need support in re-organizing or expanding your company, with ARTUS experts you have the right partners at your side. We are also delighted to arrange your succession or takeover in the event of a generation change. Together with our 160 partner companies from BKR International, it will be our pleasure to accompany your business beyond Austrian borders.

Driven by the dream of independence, flexibility, self-determination and better family management, nowadays more and more women are deciding to become self-employed. Some have simply wanted to stand ‘on their own two feet’ for a long time and as a result become entrepreneurs. ARTUS provides information about every relevant detail to be taken into account, such as creating a business plan; tax registration; additional earnings limit; banking matters; insurance; cost planning; additional earnings traps, and much more…

Have you lost track of your present fiscal situation with your current tax advisor? Then simply contact us and we will organize the changeover.