Why it only makes sense to have a tax advisor

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle.” – Steve Jobs

The path to self-employment usually begins with a vision; the dream of self-fulfillment; the implementation of an idea or the act of creating something unique, something ‘on your own’. This initial enthusiasm is, however, often dampened upon the first few visits to the local authorities. The founder of the potential business is suddenly faced with a mountain of red-tape and soon the first of a wave of doubts arise: “Where do I have to go? What papers do I have to submit and where, and to whom do I submit them? Which funding, subsidies or grants can I take advantage of? What happens after the first few years that I have received grants? How should I keep my books in order and what do I have to do with accounting?”

This is exactly where we – the tax consultants at ARTUS – come into play. Because we love our work, our daily, and continuing motivation, is that our clients succeed.

We accompany our clients from the first step of founding their business to the goal.
Our services start where they are needed, and they are often very individual and tailored to the needs of our clients. We accompany them from the first step of founding their business: from tax registration, to the first business plan, to achieving individual and professional goals. This allows entrepreneurs to concentrate on their expertise – we do the rest.

A good tax advisor will get the client the cost of their consultation back.
The first steps towards self-employment often start with a small budget and capital, and often lead to a decision to refrain from receiving professional advice. An important motto, however, to mention at this point is: a good tax advisor pays off, because they can constantly give clever tax tips, and optimize taxes with an individual forecast calculation, which will pay off financially in the long term.

The founder can also take advantage of a one-time-only consultation.
Some business founders have already had experience with accounting, annual financial statements, and the fiscal authorities. As a result, they daringly complete their tax declarations themselves. Never fail to remember, however, that even a one-time-only consultation with a tax consultant at the beginning of self-employment, or even posing particular tax questions, can be a good investment for the company in the long term.

What can you expect from your ARTUS tax advisor?
The path to becoming a tax advisor should always be connected with positive feelings. This is very important to us. At ARTUS, our philosophy is ‘close to you’, and this reflects our practice that at ARTUS we are the client’s consultant, companion and friend.

Moreover, since the set up period of a business is often fraught with many financial challenges, we offer our start-ups and founders individual packages. These are flat rate packages with which our clients can calculate and plan. Our services are defined in advance and individually adapted to suit the clients specific needs.

Resulting from our years of experience, we know exactly what thoughts, what obstacles and expectations our clients have to deal with; therefore, we offer our clients full service, including start-up advice, cost planning, banking matters, annual financial statements, balance sheets and payroll accounting. We also inform our clients about additional income limits as well as additional income traps.

We closely advise on upcoming SVS payments and tax optimizations. Not only this, but every year we also prepare a forecast calculation before the end of the year. Based on this calculation, the upcoming tax burden can be optimized by means of income and expenses optimization, SVS forecasts and various tax subsidies that can still be applied before the end of the year.

In addition to tax matters, we offer our clients a number of services to make their bookkeeping easier:

  • Via our Start Up Network – ARTUS Connect, we connect our clients in certain areas and always create synergies.
  • Various individualized templates that are made available by us.
  • Our own data cloud – our ARTUS cloud – which enables receipts to be uploaded directly from the client’s mobile phone and thus provides the responsible consultant with the necessary documents. *N.B. Data security is our top priority; the cloud server is located and maintained in Austria.
  • Digital consultations: Since we know how hectic everyday business life can be, we also offer consultations and annual financial statements online.
  • Bank reversal: by means of a declaration of consent, we can communicate directly with the bank and import any sales into our system while the accounting is ongoing. So, our clients can already tick off an item from their monthly to-do list.

Of course, we will be by your side, if you have any questions. To make an appointment for a Zoom Meeting, or with us in person, e-mail: info@artus.at or call 01-513 79 00-0.